Easter fun for all the family!

Fun for all the family at Square Chapel Arts Centre this Easter with a couple of grim sisters, huge dinosaurs, and girl power with hot wheels skaters


Families with young and older children will find suitable shows to keep all entertained during the Easter April holidays. Young minds will get creative with the realistic dinosaurs they can get up close and personal with. Loosely based on the Brothers Grimm tale, audiences will experience The Grimm Sisters who will set the record straight with a marvellous mix of comedy, singing & live music. Families with young teens will be inspired by the girl power oozing through the Hot Wheels musical.



Audiences will have heard of the famous storytellers, The Brothers Grimm The famous Or story stealers more like, according to The Grimm Sisters. Brunhilda and Mitzi – The Grimm Sisters – believe they are the true brains behind the books. But thanks to a treacherous father, a nasty curse, and a huge dollop of bad luck, you’ve probably never heard of them.

The Grimm Sisters are heading to Halifax on Wednesday 13 April to set the record straight with a marvellous mix of comedy, singing & live music. Their twisted tales are packed full of courageous quests, poisonous parents & a magical frog called Jeremy (Jeremy is not to be trusted). Families are invited to enjoy this joyous, highly interactive and family friendly show.



Duo Sam and Joe who are primary school teachers who want all children to experience something extraordinary. Together the pair formed Teach Rex where they educate and make learning creative. They take a dinosaur called JAM to schools and venues allows children to delve into the world of imagination. Children will learn more about dinosaurs by meeting JAM in person.

Teach Rex uses life-like dinosaurs to perform their 50-minute show, teaching children about the anatomy and life of the most mesmerising creatures that have ever roamed our planet, the TREX! ‘Blue’ the Velociraptor will also be making a very special appearance. Children will also be greeted by baby dinosaurs and given a ‘Dino Booklet’ which includes a variety of educational activities The show is teamed with effects, music and gives children and their families the chance to get up close and personal with these fantastic, realistic beasts.

Families with children ages 3 and above can expect a rawsome time. (Friday 15 April, 10am, 12.15pm and 2.30pm).




Families with children aged 10 and above will enjoy the energetic youth musical Hot Wheels this Easter. Girl power at its best. Get ready for the grand slam! This is roller derby, the perfect escape. But sometimes winning isn’t the most important thing. From an exceptional young company of emerging talent, comes an extraordinarily empowering new musical featuring a fearless all-female cast. Expect daring movement, and spectacular harmonies and ensemble work. (Saturday 23 – Sunday 24 April).

Writer and Director, Ellie Jones said: “Hot Wheels is a show about how roller derby can change your life. It allows women to take up space, to be aggressive, and to take part in a contact sport, which a lot of people think you shouldn’t do if you are a woman. It allows women a space where they can get hurt, knocked down or fall over and get back up and carry on just like anyone else. It’s hugely empowering to be able to get up again and carry on.”