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Pink Floydian

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    23 Mar

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    Red Brick Auditorium

    Square Chapel
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    Doors open

Following last year’s sold-out show, Pink Floydian return with a new show for 2024.

A Pink Floydian show is much more than a gig, it is a faithful recreation of Floyd at their finest. Comprising some of the North West’s finest musicians, close your eyes and Pink Floydian will take you back. From the lush landscapes of Shine On You Crazy Diamond to the haunting refrain of Great Gig In The Sky to the universally loved anthems Comfortably Numb and Wish You Were Here, Pink Floydian will guide you on a magical journey through the illustrious recording career of the Floyd.

The band members of the Pink Floydian tribute band are dedicated to honouring the iconic British rock group through their music. They strive to recreate the essence of Pink Floyd‘s sound and stage presence, captivating audiences with their performances. Each member brings their own unique talents and passion to the group, working together to deliver a truly unforgettable experience. From the intricate guitar solos to the haunting vocals, the Pink Floydian tribute band does not disappoint. Fans of Pink Floyd will appreciate the attention to detail and authenticity in their renditions of classics like Comfortably Numb and Time.

Covering music from the Barrett, Waters and Gilmour eras, the band members are true professionals who take pride in their craft, and their love for Pink Floyd shines through in every note they play.

Red Brick Auditorium