The Man in the Shadows

An Original Telling of Sherlock Holmes

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    07 - 21 Mar

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    Red Brick Auditorium

    Square Chapel
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    Various times


Seven years into their partnership, Detectives Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson encounter what could be their final problem. They learn about the Man in the Shadows. Together, with help from Inspector Lestrade, they begin to unravel the mystery in front of them. But are they too late? Can they unmask their newfound enemy in time? And can they fight their own demons alongside the case? With crime scenes, fight scenes, dance scenes and a lot of teamwork, this case might just be their best one yet.

The Man in the Shadows, written and directed by Kyle Gallagher, promises to delve into depths of Sherlock Holmes that we haven’t seen before.

Red Brick Auditorium