Our Team
Leadership Team
  • Dave Jenkins

    Managing Director

  • Jonny Davenport

    Artistic Director

  • Rebecca Davenport

    Sales & Marketing Director

  • Michelle Mayor

    Director of Operations

Artistic Team
  • Lindsey Holding

    Music Programme Manager

  • Jess O’Neill

    Programmer & Producer

  • Jamie Eagleton

    Youth Engagement Programmer

Marketing & Communications
  • Sofia Cann

    Head of Marketing and Communication

  • Megan Ball

    Digital Marketing & Communications Manager

  • Jessica Heaton

    Marketing & Communications Officer

  • Chloe Stokes

    Sales Executive and Administrator

Development & Projects
  • Jess Rotherham

    Head of Development

  • Michaela O’Sullivan

    Development and Evaluation Manager

  • Beth Ellis

    Projects Officer

  • Lauren Ashcroft

    Head of Finance/Financial Controller

  • Gillian Edwards

    Head of Hospitality

  • Shirley Bailey

    Executive Assistant (to Dave Jenkins)

Bar & Kitchen
  • Jack Griffiths

    Bar Manager

  • Bar Supervisor

  • Chef

  • Aly Howe

    Technical Manager