What we do

As an organisation we are deeply rooted in creating, producing and programming work with the community.

As well as the live events we programme, produce and co-produce, we also work with artist to help and support them in their journey and look for ways to work with and engage communities across the region.


Artist Development

We are fully committed to using our resource as a tool to further the progress of artists. Since first opening our doors we have played a part in the development of artists in many different ways. We have encountered raw talent from individuals seeking opportunity with little or no knowledge of how to find it and we have been approached by established performers who required support in networking or bid-writing. Whatever the ask, whatever the experience and whatever the artist is trying to achieve, we take pride in our ability to unlock potential and play a key role in development. The future of the arts is being forged as we speak. For arts and culture to play an increasingly important role in everyday life, time, experience, knowledge and dedication will always be needed from organisations like ours and we will continue to provide it.


We have a strong track-record in producing work for artists. A combination of in-house talent, facility and our wider network across The UK allows us to develop embryonic projects into touring, sustainable work. We understand the distance that can exist between a brilliant script and the stage but our ability to aid and structure the research, development and production of work allows work to be made entirely on site.


Cinema, Film & Film Festivals

Enjoy the latest blockbuster films, arthouse cinema screenings, classics, premieres, exclusive in conversation events and film festivals.

Red Brick Auditorium

With the same make of projector and digital sound system as in our Copper Auditorium and seating 240 people, this auditorium sits within our beautiful Grade II* listed red brick Georgian Chapel and is used for talks, theatre, music performances, film screenings and more.

Copper Auditorium

Seating just under 100 people, our Copper auditorium is the screen we use for most of our cinema programme. We are a DCI (digital cinema initiatives) compliant cinema which uses the highest quality projector and 5.1 digital sound. Our Copper auditorium also doubles up as a stunning and intimate studio space for performances.


Live Events

Since day one, a significant part of what we do centres around live events. Gigs, dance shows, theatre shows, exhibitions, film screenings, sector conferences, audience events and seminars provide artists and the public with the maximum number of entry points to the arts.


We believe in upskilling and providing workshops to encourage anyone to try their hand at a new or sleeping skill. Aside from the catharsis and fulfilment of a good workshop, these sessions allow us to provide artists with work and much-needed income to protect their artistic development.


Community Work

Our surroundings play a fundamental role in everything we do. As such, we get great satisfaction from the many community projects we run. We have a community programme filled with meet-ups, social opportunities, upskilling, entertainment and more. Square Chapel is a place where anyone is welcome and it is fair to say that what we do is of significant value to a host of local groups and individuals

Heritage & Architecture 

The cultural and architectural history of our borough is an intrinsic part of our identity. Because of this, we place enormous value on using our historically significant spaces to create a sense of belonging, safety and creativity for all.