BBC Question Time from Halifax

Halifax’s Square Chapel hosted an edition of the BBC One show Question Time on Thursday 27th June, 2020.

People from Halifax and the surrounding area can apply to be part of the audience via the BBC website.

There are approximately 100 people in the audience, selected to ensure political balance.

Question Time began on Tuesday, 25 September 1979, and celebrates its 40th anniversary in 2020.

Fiona Bruce took over as host of the show in January 2019, becoming the first female host in the programme’s history.

Host Fiona Bruce said: “I’m really looking forward to bringing Question Time to Halifax. As well as our political panellists, we always enjoy hearing from a wide range of local

voices wherever we are across the UK each week, and our studio audiences are a crucial part of the programme’s lively debates.

“I would encourage everyone in Halifax and the surrounding areas to apply to have their voice heard and get involved.”

This was great exposure for Square Chapel, Halifax and Calderdale. It was also an enjoyable experience working with the BBC.