Nestled between the metropolitan hubs of Leeds and Manchester, Calderdale is home to some of Yorkshire’s most rugged and romantic landscape, and the area also lays claim to being one of the most eccentric and creative corners of England’s largest county.

Home to the weird and wonderful, the peculiar and picturesque, the soulful and historically pioneering, Calderdale is a jewel in Yorkshire’s cultural crown waiting to be explored.

As an area we tick many boxes and you can see why, literature, events, creativity, stunning landscape, food & drink, family friendly, independent music, theatre, LGBT community and more. Plus many TV series have been filmed here, the most famous being Gentleman Jack and Happy Valley!



In 2019, tourism was worth just under £400 million to Calderdale’s economy – a massive 14% increase from the £349 million in 2018

Around 8.2 million visitors made day and overnight trips to Calderdale in 2019 – 26% more than in 2018. The number of day trips alone increased by a whopping 27% to 7.9 million in 2019

About £295.8 million of the money tourists spent in the area directly benefitted local businesses, from hotels and restaurants to cafes, shops and attractions. This income is estimated to have supported 7,930 jobs, up 14% from 2018.

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